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Below you will find some  our factsheets  - we also have videos under the VIDEOS tab.


We hope you find these factsheets useful  - please do let us know if you think there is something that isn't covered. If you have any problems accessing/reading this information, please call us on 01628 683182 and we can talk to you about it. 

The Local Offer

SEN Support

Funding for SEN Support

Identifying SEN in School

What if I don't agree with SEN provision

What do we mean by Impartial

Personal Budgets

Emotionally related school avoidance (ERSA)

EHC Needs Assessment

ECHP Examples of good practice

Non Confrontational Questioning

Transport Appeal Process

What to look for in a school

Questions to ask your school

Preparing for meetings

AfC Collaborative Responsibilities Doc

Factsheets from other services 

Life after your EHCP

Preparing for Adulthood Guide

Preparing for Adulthood Outcomes

Post 16 Checklist

SEND Handbook

Little Book of Sunshine

Concerned about your child 



Supporting Children to return to school 

Easy read guide to anxiety

Feeling Down - a guide

Routes into Employment

Top tips for talking to your children about their feelings

Mental Health Support for Primary School Children

Mental Health Support for Secondary School  Children

Getting Help Team: Mental Health Support for young people

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