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Emotionally Related School Avoidance (ERSA)

Emotionally related school avoidance (ERSA) describes a group of children and young people who experience difficulties attending school which can be linked to school, parents, carers or child factors as well as wider societal factors. ERSA can range from children and young people who are still attending school, but present with anxiety through to those with no attendance at school for an extended period. Although children’s and young people’s behaviours might not be recognisable as ERSA at the early stages, they highlight their vulnerability to becoming ERSA if action is not taken. Children and young people with ERSA often do want to attend school, however, their anxiety and absence of necessary coping skills leaves them unable to do so.

Image of a girl who's face you cannot see, she is looking behind her towards a building. Wording on photograph says Emotionally Related School Avoidance ( ERSA) Toolkit

The Wellbeing team have put together a guide for parents - you can access a copy here by clicking on the image.

You can also access the webinar contained in the guide here:  Emotionally Related School Avoidance.mp4 on Vimeo 

You can access the guilde for secondary aged children HERE 

You can find more information via this page:






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