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Annual Reviews and Meetings 

Childhood Psychology

What is an Annual Review?

If a child or young person has an Education, Health

and Care Plan (EHCP) the Local Authority (LA) must

review the EHCP at least once a year.


The Review must focus on progress towards achieving

the outcomes or goals set out in their EHCP and from

year 9 onwards there should also be a focus on

preparing for adulthood . If your child is under 5,

then a review should take place every 3-6 months.


Reviews must take into account the views, wishes and

feelings of child/young person and parents.


If there is concern about progress the review may be brought forward.


An Annual Review is held to consider if there has been progress towards outcomes. New outcomes and provision can be set if needed and aspirations changed.


What happens at review meetings?

There are three parts at most review meetings:


reviewing - your child’s outcomes

planning - any new outcomes and the provision and support required to meet them

setting a date - for the next review meeting


How do I prepare for review meetings?

You can ask for review meetings to be at a time when they are convenient for you, as well as for school staff and other professionals, as it is important that you are able to attend. In advance of the meeting, look through your copy of your child’s plan as well as any notes or minutes you have from the previous review meeting.


In addition, look through any reports from professionals, plus other relevant information, that may have been sent to you since the previous review.


You can ask specific professionals to attend or write reports for the meeting if this would be helpful.

Video: EHCP: Annual Reviews

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